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The Power of Your Mind: The Power of Thankfulness

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The Power of Your Mind Series Today: Thanks and Forgiving!   For people in Canada, this is our Thanksgiving.  So Happy Thanksgiving to All! When you think about it, every day is a good day to offer thanks, gratitude, and appreciation.  Why not?  Every time we express our thanks we are contributing to a positive energy flow in our body and also for those around us. From a physical perspective, thanks creates more calmness in our muscles and with less stress/tension and more relaxation we automatically provide better circulation in our bodies.  With better circulation we have improved blood flow to the brain, which in turn provides clearer thinking and more internal balance.   Plus there are a number of positive chemicals and hormones being activated and awakened within us.   That’s pretty good stuff for just expressing a thankful thought and appreciation, if you ask me!  Even a heart felt “Thanks So Much”, will have that effect as well.  Again it is not just about You!  :o))   It is also impacts people around us, animals, and there are even studies showing changes in plants! Thanks-for-Forgiving “Thanks-for-Forgiving” (kind of sounds and flows like “ThanksGiving”) and is a great place to continue thinking about the physical power of thankfulness.  Releasing and letting go of past hurts and emotional pain, also has huge benefits for the body, such as improving your immune system support.     What is forgiveness?    What is forgiving?  Webster’s would say something like: to stop blame and grant pardon; Synonyms: accept apology, acquit, allow for, amnesty, bear no malice, bear with, bury the hatchet, efface, kiss and make up, laugh off, let bygones be bygones, let it go, let pass, let up on, make allowance, purge.  Some interesting perspectives here like:  “bear no malice” and “bury the hatchet”, remind us of peace and harmony.  These are always good things I think!  What is the opposite of forgiving?  To accuse, blame, censure, charge, punish.  Some of which are likened to attack, injure and do harm.  This should lead us to wonder about how these actions serve you?  Why should you not forgive?  Dwell on that for a minute, and see if you can actually come up with a good reason.  Something tells me that you won’t find one.  Especially since it produces tension, stress, poor circulation, decreases immune systems, plus a lot of other things that you don’t want. So What can You Do? So, where ever you are in the world, what would happen if you looked, listened, thought of and got a grasp on even a little bit more Thanks?  What are some of the things you are thankful and appreciative for?  What could you be more thankful for? Perhaps it is for aspects of your physical body… maybe it is for being able to get around… Maybe for a meal….  Maybe for the computer you are using…. What about for sunshine, “rainshine” or an aspect of nature?  What about having this brief evanescent glimpse of a life that lingers in time so delicately? When you think about it there are lots of things to be thankful for.  The same goes for people in your life as well.  Maybe it is for having a friend, partner, family member, co-worker, or just pleasant customer services.  Imagine what happens when you forgive, releasing pain and burdens of the past.  Move to looking, feeling, thinking, and hearing about things to be thankful for.  Even if it is just to learn about something you do not want, which helps you to focus on what you do want!  This is something we’ll think...

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The Power of Your Mind: Beyond Right or Wrong

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The Power of Your Mind Series Today: Beyond Right or Wrong!   I recently came across a quote that gave me a powerful idea!  I modified it to this: “Beyond the place of Right Doing or Wrong Doing, there is a beautiful field that is full of opportunities, fun, joy, ideas, potential, life and well being…” This is a powerful concept when you apply it to your life! I’m going to ask you to take a moment to really embrace this idea. Now, take 3 nice deep breaths to relax and then take a moment to just contemplate the concept right now, after each slow and rhythmic breath.  Now, what does it mean to you?  What does your Beautiful Field beyond doing right or doing wrong, look, feel, or sound like?  Is it a process you can start to explore?   I have often seen, heard, and met people who live life deeply stuck in what they believe to be Right.  That they have become deaf, blind and numb (sometimes dumb) to any other possibilities. Just see and hear what is on the news on any given day.  People so stuck in their perspectives and concepts and beliefs that they want to kill anyone who thinks, believes, speaks, or sees differently than them. Nonetheless change is exciting!  In contemplating your “beauty-field” new options, choices, insights are just beyond any stuck thinking. Imagine what that can mean to you.  How can you apply this?  What are ways to show by example and to help make a positive difference for your life, those around you and even beyond any thing you can conceive of? Everyone has these fields available!  Many have not experienced, seen, felt, heard or explored these fields yet.  But it is there for each and every individual.  Take the time to look, contemplate, breathe, relax and open the door of your mind’s eye, to the “beautiful fields of possibility”. You will find that as you open, explore and experience the choice of possibility thinking, you can find those fields of joy and beauty. And yes this is a choice!  Like so many other things in life an act of will is the source.  Some may say “Oh I can’t do that” or “that is not real”.    But Why Not?  We have choices and options… what was a truth yesterday may no longer be true today or tomorrow. Is the earth Flat?  Is our planet the center of the universe?  Of course Not! Yet someone use to believe it was.  Are there certain things that were “right” for you in the past and not so today?  Of course there are.  Based on learning, life experiences and insights. What about things that you believed wrong?  Sometimes they were proven “right”. What are your options?  How could someone else look at the same situation so differently?  What would a brilliant advisor or consultant say to you? There are possible solutions to any situation.  Even if you do not believe it possible.  As one let’s go of the “how to” and starts to realize the possibility, even if it is a remote possibility, it can become reality.   Our Concepts of What’s Possible Can (and Do) Change No one really knew how to get to the moon until President Kennedy, decided that we could and would get there!  Then it became so thereafter. What are some of the choices and potential for the Beautiful fields of your mind? I leave with that thought.  Share below, and let’s continue the conversation. To Your Success and cultivation of those fields!   Gregg Turner,...

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The Power of Hope

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The Power of Your Mind Series Today: The Power of Being Hopeful Hope is defined in the dictionary as:  1. The feeling that, what is wanted can be had or that events will turn out for the best. (The opposite would be to give up hope!  Of course that does not work out very well for us.) As a verb it is something (or a feeling) to look forward to, with desire and reasonable confidence.   Or something to believe, desire, or trust. When we look at it in this light, being full of Hope, is a good thing!  Especially when you consider the opposite! Hope can help us to keep moving forward.  To keep on wanting to achieve our goals.  To “Keep on Keeping On”, so to speak.  Keeping “on” sounds, feels, and looks better than shutting “off”, especially when it ties into our progressions.  Personally, Spiritually, Health, Business, and Success.  Of course there are times and ways that we all need to “calm the mind”, to “relax”, “de-stress” and “create balance”.   That is different from shutting off completely.  Being “Hopeful” helps us to follow many of the Universal laws.  One being the Law of Attraction.  There is certainly a lot of information out there about that.  Very much like the earlier blog, about the seeds we plant in the garden of our minds. Being hopeful for the: Best Health. Best Relationship.  Best Abundance. Best Income.  Best Success. . “Being Hopeful for the Best of whatever you want helps you to take action to actually achieve what it is that you want. ” Every action starts with a thought or idea of what you want.  And to be “hopeful” helps you to realize what it is that you really want.  In light of this, here is an important question to consider: What are your Hopes and Dreams? Remember every reality starts with a thought, idea, or what I will call a “hope – thought”! Some people may say that being hopeful is unrealistic or too idealistic or “pie in the sky”.  In most cases, the things we are hopeful for are already things that are within our abilities to achieve.  Being hopeful for more money, sure is realistic and a good place to start to think, act, speak, learn and discover ways that can actually work for you.  Being hopeful for a happy relationship can help you start to realize the things that are important to you.  Even help you take steps to be happier and more appreciative.  Being Hopeful for a Healthy body can help you start or stay with exercise and wellness living (plus helps the body on a physiological level).  Being Hopeful for a positive and strong Mind can help you achieve goals you want to materialize.  Without hope people have given up.  It just makes good sense to be Hopeful.  What if your Hopes became your reality?  Of course that is what you want to have happen, isn’t it?   I encourage you to think about what you are hopeful to Be, Have, and Do in your own life.  It is often the starting place to begin to move forward towards whatever your life will become.  As we expand our personal horizons, or “Hopes” and start to take some “ACTIONS”, we certainly can start to achieve them.  You will begin the process to make the “hopes” a reality.  Especially as we continue to take steps forward over time.  You just never know exactly how long it will take to get there.   That is one of the reasons that “Keeping On” with the highest of ideals,...

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